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Something by Mark R. Elsis

It was not too long after the assassination of John Lennon. I was driving my taxi, going west on 72nd Street, approaching Park Avenue, when the light at the intersection turned red. I was waiting behind many cars for the light to change when I saw a vision of beauty from afar, with her hand raised. When she realized I was available, she lowered her hand and began to walk toward my taxi.

As she walked closer, there was something exceedingly special about her energy. Each day, I saw countless beautiful women while driving my taxi in Manhattan, but this woman was adorable and enchanting. I didn’t have any idea of who she was.

This gorgeous being got in, sat down, and the exact moment she shut the door, the song “Something” began playing on the radio. She told me her destination, then promptly told me George wrote this song on the back of an envelope like Lincoln supposedly did with the Gettysburg Address. I turned around and said, Pattie, Pattie Boyd? She said yes, I’m Pattie Boyd. I didn’t say anything else while “Something” was playing.

After “Something” had finished, I told her how unbelievably strange it was that, the exact moment you shut the door, the song “Something” started to play. Back then, one heard “Something” every once in a while on the radio. But for Pattie Boyd to sit in my taxi and the instant she does, for “Something” to start playing, is miraculous. She told me that she hadn’t heard it in quite a long time, and after all these years, what a beautiful song it is.

I brought up how incredible it must feel knowing that you were the muse for two of the greatest love songs ever written, “Something” by George Harrison and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. She forthrightly conversed with me about George and Eric and was genuinely grateful for her part in history.

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